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Sunday Dec 4th: Student Mass at 4.30 pm

This SUNDAY   at 4.30PM , The Chapel of the Dominicans, Sandgatan 8

Mass with mixed languges readings and preaching in English.

– This time a song exercise at 3.30pm
– After Mass there is a meal prepared by Nolwenn and Magda and someone more. – And then Sister Annmarie, Little Sister of Jesus in Copenhagen will shortly talk with us about her work with the feet of homeless people and protitutes in Copenhagen.


Give Thanks!

hi , I would like to give thanks to all of you for last weeks gathering – the fine walk to Rögle, our taizéprayer and talk and then our night together this Saturday-Sunday : all the people who contributed in cleaning our space, cooking, planning things, leading workshops, and the friendly athmospere that really everybody cares for. And it´s amazing all this caring for praying together and in silence. I´m sure all this will bear fruit in some way or another. And above all: give thanks to the Lord for all those experiences and meetings. see you, yours br Björn

ADORATION WAKE THE WHOLE NIGHT and Mass at 5 in the morning

–  Saturday Nov 20th at 5pm- Sunday at 6am:
we have adoration of the sacrament in our chapel all night from 8 to 5
5 pm already : We need your help cleaning the kitchen, hall and library, those places mostly frequented by the students. At the same time Stefano and some others prepare a meal
6.30 pm a nice meal together .
7.45  pm Introduction to adoration with br Björn – what is that, how could you handle your presence before the Sacrament?
8 pm Adoration starts and continues all night
In our hall meanwhile various program:
8.30 -ca 10 Interactive acting workshop – Staffan Gerdmar, new deacon in our parish is also a theatre director and is working with people not used to act. Come in time! not possible to join later.
10 pm Singing – a song workshop presented by Aude and others.
11pm Painting – br Björn presents an exercise in painting that you can join  all night individually- without previous experience of painting.
and then: baking together, eating, and perhabs a film.
5 am Sunday Mass
6 am Breakfast prepared by br Brian
Evelina, Verena and Nolwenn are in charge of program,  Evelina, 
You can come and go during this time and participate as much as you wish. We need though presence in front of the Sacrament all night. There will be lists exposed at Sandgatan (at the fridge in the kitchen) the coming week, so you can engage for blocks of 30 minutes. Bring good texts to read and pray with and notebooks to write important things in. Bring also a sleeping bag if you want to sleep part of the night in the room beside.