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Wednesday lunches (and other meals)…

Hi everybody!

I am happy that people are willing to cook this semester, it is a nice way to do something for the group.It is also nice that so many people come and stay for the Wednesday lunches. Since there is an economic issue of that the cooking person seldom gets the money back, I would like to point out some things.

When you join a meal (even the Sunday mass meal):

  • Please contribute. The person who cooks has spent some time and money to be able to do that. Lets see to that the person gets back what he/she spent. If people always spend much more than they get back, no one will want to cook. The brothers should not pay for our meals. It is kind enouth from them that we can meet at their place.
  • We have said a sum of about 20 kr. If you feel that you can, you are welcome to contribute with more. This is of course not an imposement. We want everybody to be able to participate, regardless of how much money you have got, but we also want that everybody should be able to participate in cooking, without fear of spending 150 kr more than you get back.

When you cook:

  • The number of participants will be 8-15 people.
  • If all 15 people pay 20 kr each, you will get 300 kr back (this doesn’t happen so often).
  • Please think about this when you plan what to cook or go shoping. Do not buy too expensive food. Maybe you can skip some of the ingredients or find cheaper ones if you see that the cost for what you want to cook will be high. As a rule of thumb, try not to spend more than 250 kr.
  • In the kitchen we have a lot of spices and other things. You are welcome to use them.
  • If you want to treat the group with something special that you know will cost more, and you are willing to take the cost on you, you are of course welcome to do that.

Hope that this does not scare you away from participating, but only by being aware of this we can solve it.



Next lunch and Church coffee

Hi everybody! For next Wednesday lunch, 3rd of March, Nestor will be talking about the road to Santiago, about his walk to Santiago de Compostella, a popular pilgrimage road that is located in northern Spain. Btw, if you want to cook one of the Wednesdays, please contact me.

Church coffee is a nice tradition in our parish. It is based on the will off  people in the parish that want to put in some effort to make it happen. Unfortunatly, we don’t have it every weekend. So, I thought that we could help with that some weekend. Maybe April the 18th? We will have to bake something and make coffee and boil water for tea. Tea and coffee is provided by the parish and we can take money to cover our costs. The rest goes to the parish.


Mass and lunches on Wednesdays

As most of you may know, after the 12.10 mass on Wednesdays we gather for a lunch together to get to know each other better, be able to share and discuss our faith. We take turns in cooking the meal. If you want to cook, you are welcome to tell that in a comment on this post and/or write your name on the list that is on the fridge in the kitchen at the Dominican friary.

We need people to cook every week. The food should be quite simple. After the meal, the participants give a contribution to cover the costs for the food. You are welcome to cook alone or together with someone.

If you cannot cook due to your schedule or other circumstances, you are of course welcome anyway. It is a voluntary task. But our meetings are depending on that some people prepare meal.

If you have questions, you are welcome to do so during our meetings or as a comment on this blog.