DOMINO Students in Lund

Domino is a meeting place for students and young people in Lund in Sandgatan 8, the house of the Dominicans, 100 meters from the AF building – a place for friendship, reflection, celebration and everyday life.

Each month, we will discover a document of the second concile of the Catholic Church and on the last Wednesday of the month, we will continue our reading of the Book of Genesis, through Bibel onsdag.

In Domino you will find Swedish students, exchange and research students and people already working. Many are Catholic but there are also Christians of other denominations and non-Christians so Domino is a really Catholic (= all-embracing) community. All who seek are welcome!

In one passage in the bible it says about the first Christians: “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of the bread and to prayers.” That is the programme for a Christian community and in Domino we want to live it:

  • We have conversations and discussions about various topics or think about certain texts together.
  • Friendship is important. We want to be friends who help each other, meet and share meals together. Our friends are also outside of Domino for example among the homeless and the refugees.
  • We celebrate God who cares for us and our world, we thank him for life and love. The International Sunday Masses twice a month are the common meeting point for our different groups.

Being Christian is taking a step towards – sometimes in the unknown – a journey of discovery where life is viewed as something meaningful by following Jesus Christ, the son of God. God is larger than the largest and fits into the smallest. He gives us life as a gift and we can pass this gift on when we live in communion with him.

For Catholic life in Lund, look also at the parish. Sankt Thomas församling, the Dominicans, and the Dominican sisters i Rögle.

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