Prayer in the spirit of Taizé

Welcome to Lund dearest You!
We (Magnus & Valentina) would like to invite you to our regular Taizé meetings. First and foremost it is about being there for each other.

We gather to pray in the spirit of Taizé every other (even) week. We sing songs together, repeating the lyrics over and over and turning them into a meditation. After a few songs there is a reading, a passage from the Bible. First there is always an English version followed by a Swedish one and then usually German, Polish, Lithuanian and of of course we will be happy to hear some more languages. After the reading the person who prepared it comments on it.  It is all about sharing something with the others, giving a piece of you and of your experience to people, and not so much about sounding like a professional theologist. Everyone of us is an expert on life and faith in his/her own special way. And for that matter, we believe that we can learn a lot from each other sharing what you find special in your life.
After the the comment there is a 10-minute-silence to reflect on the reading and to listen to God followed by free intercessions. After a few more songs we conclude the prayer with ‘Our Father’ everyone in the language that suits them most.

After the prayer we drink tea together and discuss certain topics. Since last semester we follow the theme ‘Active Hope’.

If you have any questions, if you would like to prepare the reading or read the reading someone else prepares in your mother tongue, please contact Magnus ( or Anna ( If you doubt whether or not to come contact Anna.

If you want to read about Taizé and thir way of prayer follow this link.

Prayer in the Spirit of Taizé, Tuesdays even weeks (2, 4, 6..) at 19.30, come  a quater of an hour before to prepare the Chapel and look at some songs.


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