Reflections about Catholic belief

What is it like to be Catholic in Sweden? What is Catholic belief? How can I begin to read the Bible and approach everything there is in church?

We meet every other Thursday in odd weeks at 17:15. We drink tea together and delve into a certain topic. For the last time we have been reading about different topics but usually we follow a certain theme for a longer period of time so that we can get a somewhat deeper understanding. We talk to each other which is what Domino is about: listening to each other.

During the last winter we took a look at the Rosary, what it is and tought ourselves how to pray it. Then we focussed on the question “Who is God?” as an introduction to reading Bible passages and understanding what they can mean for us here and now. We ususally finish with a short prayer in the end.

 Thursdays odd weeks 17:15 – 18:45. The discussions are in Swedish only.