Student Mass

Student Masses are celebrated in the Dominican chapel at Sandgatan 8.

Sunday Student Mass with readings, songs and preaching in English are celebrated on Sundays once a month.

Coming Masses 2019 are celebrated
January 20th, February 3rd, March 3rd, March 31st, May 5th at 18.00. Last Mass June 2nd is at 16.00

The Sunday Masses are the occasions for people inside and outside Domino to gather and celebrate Mass and praise God together.

We have a small informal singing gathering at 17.00 – please join.
After Mass there is a meal prepared by some of the students. After that you are welcome to stay for some friendly activities, playing games, talking …

Student Mass is also celebrated every  Wednesday at 19.00.
Odd weeks the Mass is followed by a Taizé Spirit Prayer and a gathering Before, sanwiches at 17.00 and 17. 00 a them.
Even weeks there is a gathering in Swedish after Mass,  on faith, community, seriosity, deepening – don´t hesitate to come even if your Swedish is not perfect.


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