Program för DominoOnsdag

Aktuellt program för DominoOnsdag – mest studenter som intrucucerar ett ämne som intresserar dem.



Domino this Springtime

We´re starting again after a break for vacations. All new and old students welcome to join in our different gatherings. It´s centered on faith; celebrating, entering, deepening, sharing faith in Jesus Christ.
Jesus? The very strange thing that coming to know a person who lived 2000 years ago can give space to my own life, to get to know myself and the world around. That means also to get a direction in life, a path to follow in friendship.
Centered on faith – not a dull thing but friendship and joy, being serious and give place for humour.

You find the calendar here beside. Already a Sunday Mass coming Sunday, January 20th,    with dinner and program afterwards.
For international (and Swedish) students we´ve got an English speaking gathering, DominoWednesday every second (odd weeks) Wednesday, starting with sandwiches at 17.00 and continuing with entering a theme, Mass at 19 followed by at Taizé Prayer.
The other Wednesdays we´ve got a Swedish speaking gathering at 19.30 after Mass, DominoOnsdag.
All Masses readings and preaching in English.

More things… the FilmClub, lunches together, walks and other things!
Come and see….everyone welcome!

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Jesus som svar

Det minsta är det största. Det sista är det första. Det längst bort är närmast. Det mest obegripliga är det mest begripliga. Det mest abstrakta är det mest konkreta. Det fattigaste är det rikaste.
Svaret på gåtan? Jesus Kristus – född av Fadern före all tid, född av Maria till världen.
Gud som människa? Att leva mer än förstå. Ett barn att älska. Att våga hoppa. och hoppas.
God Jul Gott 2019 – vi börjar med Domino 9 januari, på Sandgatan 8, kl 19.

The smallest is the biggest. The last is the first. The most distant is the closest. The least understandable is the most understandable. The most abstract is the most concrete. The poorest is the richest.
The answer to the enigma? Jesus Christ – born by the Father before all time, born by Mary to the world.
God as human? To live more than to understand. A child to love. A master to follow. Daring to jump. and hope.
Welcome all persons interested in life and faith and love, to Domino in January.