Lent has strated. What about a Domino Prayer Community this time?
GIVE THANKS 5 MINUTES A DAY  Everyday continuously give thanks for all that is of good things in the world, in Church, in your life, for others. For everything, broadly. Take some silent pauses and listen in your heart. Every day, 5 minutes.
Sign in now!
 In Lent -intensified prayers. Join also the morning prayers at 7.30 or evening at 19  of the Dominicans to reinforce our belonging.
yours br Björn

How was the FilmDays?

Well quite interesting!
– a lot of people on Thursday and Friday and very mixed indeed, old friends turning up and people from different places, alse quite a lot non-Christians. This is great: the FilmClub showed its potential of being an open door to a Catholic place, where dyou can participate and sense the openness of the Catholic faith – a faith dealing with all kinds of features of the world, trying to understand and make dialogue, still remaining in faith.
And our Japanese films were unexpectedly greatly enjoyed. Not so easy for the Westerners t take on this different universe!
Later this week the Dominicans had a conference on religious dialogue which connected very well to this experience. Brother Rémy from Cairo presented different way of looking att other religions.
An actuel way that he himself seemed to join is: Different religions makes part of  different cultures expressed in languages – languages that are not easily translatable, looking  at the world with categories of their own. And each religion climbs its own mountain to reach truth. This means a true pluralism in view:  Religions are not comparable, expressing different truths, yet truths. The buddhism of our Japanese films in not the same thing or the same truth as our Christian truth – but yet a truth.
This view avoids judging and invites to questions, trying to get what the other means, not pretending easy sameness. As a Christian I can continue to say that I have the truth since I do believe that Jesus Christ is the saviour of all men. But truth and salvations are to put in plurals. What about this? A way for a globalized world to respect and love each others? / br Björn

Domino renewed

Vi var ganska många igår på Dominos årsmöte. Det var fin stämning och vi håller på att förnyas med nya intresserade. Jättekul om dom vill ta plats bland oss!
Simon B valdes till ny ordförande, br Björn till kassör, Märta sekreterare och Elin, Daniel och Charlton till styrelsemedlemmar.
Styrelsen har några särskilda uppgifter:
Göra om facebook Friends of Domino till officiell Domino-sida
Ordna så att info om aktiviteter går ut till olika ställen
Se över kontakter med SUK för bättre deltagande av Domino i SUK.
Vi har i år en frivillig medlemsavgift på 100 SEK – varmed och bidrag, listor finns nu på Domino.
Vi fortsätter annars med olika ansvariga för Taizé  Kasia och Märta), Vänskapsgruppen (Leonardo och Imelda), Filmklubben (Simon B, Daniel, Imran och br Björn) mm som sköter om sina grupper.
Närmast som särskilda grejer på programmet står reträtten 9-11 mars i Rögle (kom!) och En vecka enkelt liv tillsammans på Gotland i juni (kom!) – anmäl dig nu, sommaren närmar sig! 

We were quite a few at the Annual meeting of Domino yesterday. Good ambiance and new people starting coming – very nice indeed!
Simon B was elected new chairman, br Björn to treasurer, Märta secretary and Elin, Daniel and Charlton members of the board. The new board has some important things to take on:
Facebook Friends af Domino converts to official Domino-site
Info must be taken care of for our presence in Lund
More participation in Swedish Young Catholic-activities.
We have now a non-obligatory membership fee of 100 SEK– Please participate if possible.
Things we do continue  with responibles taking care of different groups: Taizé (Kasia and Märta), Friendship group (Leonardo and Imelda), FilmClub (Simon B, Imran, Daniel and br Björn) and more.
Closest in time of special events are the Retreat at Rögle March 9th-11th and A week of simple living together at Gotland in June.  – Register now, summer is approaching!