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We meet a stranger on the road

caravaggio emmausThey meet a stranger on the road who follows them on a path. They invite him to share there meal. He breaks the bread and then: in this action they recognize him –  the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

Kristus är uppstånden!
Glad Påsk!


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Analyzing, talking? No, let´s play.

People comments,  analyze and predict the future. How will it be? What will happen. On all things, politics, society – and even in handling private lives you hear this talking.
What´s all this about? A will to control what cannot be controlled?
– Could be, as future´s main characteristics is that it is unknown.
But istn´t it a bit dull to stay in that sphere of analyzing future, talking, talking, endless talking? And untrue even? Even if at times analyzing is good and necessary.
Perhaps truth and life is better revealed when we play with each others, use humour, sing, danse or tell a story?  Leaving speculations behind and enter human expressions of life?
Basically our prayers are of this kind, celebrations and play. Play as the mots serious way of life you can find!
yours br Björn