Contact and info

The Catholic Church’s student chaplain in Lund is brother Pierre-André Mauduit OP
(+46) 072 387 11 97

Domino is an association for students and other young people in Lund. We are part of the Catholic Church, but people from other denominations or non-believers are welcome.

Domino is a community made up by interested students and other young people together with me as student chaplain in Lund. You can contact me for personal talk, spiritual direction, confession or if you have something you want to discuss.

Domino gathers at the priory of the Dominicans at Sandgatan 8 in Lund. You enter through the Chapel door. Here we celebrate masses, pray, gather and have meals together. You are also welcome to study on your own in the library or just pass by for a cup of coffee or to heat your lunch. During semesters the priory is always open on weekdays between 8 and 19!

Linked to Domino is the Facebook site DominoLund for social activities in our surroundings