Filmklubben Sandgatan 8
In Filmklubben Sandgatan 8 we bring together young adults and students to watch and discuss movies at Sandgatan 8. We watch movies which can give a background for reflections, movies which are made with human engagement. We are not looking for movies with “a message” but for movies which approach the world with curiosity and with open eyes.
Good movies can deepen life. There you can find what cannot be explained, man´s and the world’s mysteries. The truth of the Gospel, hidden in the ordinary, can also be found.
In the last years we have seen movies by Andrej Tarkovsky, Robert Bresson, Jim Jarmusch, Hirokaso Ozu, Kore-eda , Erick Rohmer, Ingemar Bergman, Ruben Östlund, Bo Widerberg and others. In that way we´ve been visting many places in the world, Japan and Senegal, USA and Iran, Rumania and France, Burkina Faso and Saudi Arabia.  We mix “tougher” and “lighter” movies, Swedish and others – always with English subtitle.

Membership 2017, register at spot: 60 Sek
English subtitles to all films

FILM PROGRAM Autumn 2017

FilmDays : Should I take care of my brother
-three films by Ken Loach and Gabriella Pichler

Register membership in Filmklubben Sandgatan 8:
60 SEK at the spot 15 minutes before films.

torsdag 5 oktober  19.30
Äta, sova, dö/ Eat sleep die
av Gabriella Pichler, 104 min, Sverige 2012

fredag 6 oktober
17.45   Middag/Dinner
– ta med något att dela, please bring something to share 19.30   Introduction by Wiktor Ericsson, director of the film Jordgubbslandet/The strawberry field, a great talk summer 2017.
Kes, falken/Kes av Ken Loach, 111 min  England 1969

söndag 8 oktober kl 19.30
Jag, Daniel Blake/ I, Daniel Blake av Ken Loach, 100 min, England 2016

Fler filmkvällar hösten 2017

tisdag 12 september kl 19.30     Mannen utan minne/The man without a past av Aki Kaurismäki, Finland 2002
torsdag 9 november kl 19.30      Min natt med Maud / My night at Maud´s av Eric Rohmer, Frankrike 1969
söndag 3 december kl 19.30       En sommarsaga / A summer´s tale av Eric Rohmer, Frankrike 1996, 113 min
tisdag 19 december kl 19.30     Pauline på stranden/ Pauline at the beach, Eric Rohmer, Frankrike 1983, 94 min

PROGRAM  Spring 2017

A FilmCommando with Simon, Imran, Daniel and br Björn has made a full program for springtime:
Strange future – nature, technology and dystopia
Wed Jan 18th          Kon Tiki 
Sun Feb 5th            The Road by John Hillcoat, USA 2010
Sun March 26th 19.15    Happy people A year in the Taiga by Werner Herzog and Dmitry Vasyukov, Germany 2010 Can people living under extreme conditions be happy? Come and join Werner Herzog, wellknown film maker an a trip to far away Siberia, A documentary interpretation with dark winters, -45 degrees, loneliness….and… happiness?
Wed April 26th       2001: A Space Odessey by Stanley Kubrick, USA 1968
Sun May 7th            Members choice: Life is beautiful
Sun June 4th              Stalker by Andrej Tarkovsky, Sovjet Union 1979

FilmDays: To Doubt – three films by Ingemar Bergman and Andrej Zvyaginsky

Thursday March 2nd

19.00 Registration for membership at Filmklubben,2017 60 SEK
19.30 Introduction by Astrid Söderbergh Widding, professor o fCinema Studies,
followed by
Winter Light by Ingemar Bergman, Sweden,1963

Friday March 3rd
18.00 Common dinner
19.30  The seventh seal by  Ingemar Bergman, Sweden,  1957

Sunday March 5th
19.15 The return by Andrej  Zvyaginsky, Russia 2004


Thursday September 23rd 
19.15     American Beauty, by Sam Mendes, USA 1999, 117 min
A famous film on a man who fears growing older, losing the hope of true love and not being respected by those who know him best. Lester Burnham, the hero of “American Beauty,” is played by Kevin Spacey as a man who is unloved by his daughter, ignored by his wife and unnecessary at work. “I’ll be dead in a year,” he tells us in almost the first words of the movie. “In a way, I’m dead already.” The movie is the story of his rebellion.

Friday September 23th
16.15    Revolutionary Road, by  Sam Mendes, USA 2008, 113 min
”Let´s move to Paris and start a new life”, April one day says to her husband, played by Leonardo DiCapro. And they start realizing their project, which opens unexpected feelings, possibilities and reactions. As in his previous film, Sam Mendes does not tell us what to think or how to react to the story, leaving the interpretations to the spectators.

18.45   Dinner – bring something to share

19.45     The Graduate by Mike Nichols, USA 1967, 106 min
Benjamin is young gradute who does not kow what to do in life, just hat he does not want to live like his middle-class professional parents. He is invited in a relationship with the much older Mrs Robinson and from there it will come many complications. The Graduate is a classic with eternal, undated appeal. It´s easy to feel with Benjamin, his woories and lack of self-confidence. The film includes the famous soundtrack by Sinon&Garfunkle, with songs like Sounds of Silence and Mrs Robinson that elegantly mingles with the story.

One or several times each year we gather for a weekend for a retreat lead by a certain theme, e.g. in Rögle, praying, discussing and meditating in silence. One group has also traveled to Gotland for a week in summer sharing life and enjoying collective acitivites.


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