Coming week

On Sunday December 11th we have a Student Mass at 18 with a meal afterwards, Magnus and Kasia will prepare something. Those who can, join also to prepare the singing in Mass,

Next Tuesday, December 13th, a famous theologian, Tina Beattie, will visit the Dominican´s Filosophy Talk at 19.30  talking on the theme of The Dignity of Creation – a conversation with the theology of Pope Francis. It´ll be an interesting evening.

We change weekday, only for this occasion for the Taizé this year: Next Taizé is on  WEDNESDAY December 14th.

Tuesday 29th – Taizé

Start Advent with gathering to pray. And make Place for a sharing on an important subject. We´ll read a short passage by  Franz Jalics on how he came to clarity and peace.

new time, new space

There is a richness in the differences of times, days, hours, and as now the time of Advent. It´s like entering a another room with a different ambiance and different furniture that invite you to another behaviour. The room of Advent is simple and not a all stuffed with things, with a great window opening to what will come, as well as dark corners to dwell in silence.
Practically, what could that mean? -To create space in your calendar for peace and rest, for prayer in the morning or evening. To make space for blocks of “nothing” -that is: a walk in the Botanic garden or sitting listening to what there is right now.
Make a difference, make a choice: ” Today not more than this! This time of Advent only this!” To make space for child to come, your own, and Him.
yours br Björn