“Our Lady of the Rosary” walk

Let us walk and pray the rosary together from the brother’s convent at Sandgatan 8 to the Dominican sisters’ convent in Rögle on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 10 a.m. We’ll celebrate mass for the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary at the end of our pilgrim walk with the Dominican sisters at 12 a.m. We should be back in Lund before 2 p.m.

Coming this week

This week with DominoLund we’ll meet:

– Wednesday after vespers 7pm: bring your bible, we’ll explore the book of the prophet Jonah!

– Sunday, we’ll have our first student mass. We’ll meet at 6pm for mass and follow up with dinner together. I’ll need two (or more) volunteers to prepare our dinner.

Klosterträdgården Laudato Sí i Lund

Nu har bröderna öppnat en ny facebooksida med allt som rör deras engagemang för en ekologisk omvändelse, förankrat i brödernas trädgård. Gå in på

Klosterträdgården Laudato Sí i Lund

Look for the new Dominican facebookpage Klosterträdgården Laudato Sí i Lund – about the brothers initiative in ecology, connected to the garden at Sandgatan 8.