hej, här är en länk till påven Francsiscus undervisning om barmhärtighet som han publicerade för några dagar sedan, hälsningar br Björn

Taizé – and after

On Tuesday Sep 20th we´ve another prayer in the spirit of Taizé. What spirit??? – That of Jesus making one body of us all, where the love of God floods into this world. You can read about our evenings here . This time, like the last one we´ll after prayer have a talk from at text by the Jesuit Franz Jalics, you could call it a teaching on deepening the relation to God. This time: What prevents me from not loving others? See you!

FILM DAYS Thursday Sep 22nd -Friday Sep 23rd

Filmdagar igen! På temat Dröm och verklighet ser vi tre amerikanska filmer som alla tittar in bakom fasaderna. Du hittar programmet här  och tider i kalendern bredvid.

Film Days again! On the theme Dream an Reality we´show three American films all looking behind the fasads. Here´s the full program, for schedule only look in the calender beside.

Dream and reality

Dreaming can indeed be very pleasant. To dream about a nice holiday at the beach or living in a house beautifully situated by the sea, and to decorate these images with nice details seems to invite me to a good life. Our society invites us incessantly to this kind of dreaming and there are an endless amount of possibilities to dream of a better and more comfortable life.  If I only took the chance… The three films of the Film Days at Sandgatan this Autumn talks a talk of people who are about to make real some of their more radical dreams. They also do jump and start off for a new life.
Realizing dreams are necessary parts a part of the self-accomplishment and the identity-building that has become important in postmodernity. In surch to become a distinct person who successfully  manage life. it seems natural to realize  what I dream of. The Danish philosopher Sören Kierkegaard once said that the worst thing that can happen to a person is that he gets the chance to realies his dreams. Do our films confirm this statement? At least you may find that personal imperfection and unsatisfaction can be efficient motors behind dreaming. At the core of dreaming stands also darker sides of the human person.
The films we show talks about what can happen when a dreaming of a radical change meets with the realities of life. At a certain moment there is a turn to the present time of the dreamer. Will he at this point accept that the dream was only a dream.  Or will the dream come through? What happens in the moment of truth?

br Björn