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Ales Stenar – Walk on Saturday 23 June

I would like to go walking on Saturday – take the bus and train to Kåseberga (via Ystad), from there pass by Ales Stenar (the “Swedish Stonehenge”) and then walk for a few hours along the beach towards Ystad. Anybody interested?
 If so, let me know by mail or SMS (073 664 89 38) before Friday evening.
The train to Ystad on Saturday leaves at 10:52, so let´s meet at the entrance of the station underground passage 10 minutes before. Bring a picnic with you, your Jojo summer card if you have one, and if you want also a swimsuit and a towel !

Newsletter June -12

Dear friends,
thanks for a very nice party this last Sunday, with such a friendly atmosphere.
Some people remain in Lund a large part of the summer  – if you like to join doing things, just contact Nolwenn.
Others go back to their countries or to stay on ohter places, and some, quite many, will be back for Autumn.

Is there something you would like to do this Autumn? Or something you could think of taking some responability for? Just tell me by mail or when we meet. There is certainly so many things that could be lived among us and we need the creativity of everyone to make this place living.
So Annelaure came up with the idea of making some ecumenical Taizé gatherings with people from the Church of Sweden. We have discussed this matter with one of ther student priests, and I hope we´ill do something together in Autumn – A Saturday with prayers in the cathedral of Lund and sharing or seminares at the Dominicans. In Spring time we could do something in St Thomas church together.
Sometimes we just wait for things falling on us – and they do. But where things really change is when someone says: This is important to me. I want to do this. To express these words, if they are true, change ourselves and our relation to the world. Things turn out do be really important. And then reality comes to us, stop being exterior to us, we become a part of things outside ourselves. What is important to me? How do I want to spend my time?  Somewhere there, God is resting… yours br Björn


Taizé and Wednesday Mass June

this week, Tuesday June 5th we´ll have a Taizé prayer at 7.30 pm – this will be the last Taizé this semester (if we don´t make something sponanous in the end of June).
And this Wednesday is the last Student Mass with lunch!
yours br Björn